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Self portraits and double exposures

I’ve been photographing for 7 years now. Most of what I do involves self-portraiture, which is dear to me because of how much it has helped me grow as a person.

When I discovered the art of photography, I felt as if an empty space within me had finally been taken care of. Loneliness and boredom were no longer an issue, as I was free to create whenever I could. That freedom provided empowerment, which in turn provided a desire to learn at all times.
As a young person, there were times when I had no sense of self worth. Taking self-portraits changed that as I was able to express myself emotionally without feeling judged. By doing that, I had a chance to discover parts of myself through art which I was too afraid to explore before. There were strangers who could relate to my work without knowing my story. Knowing that was beyond calming and motivating.
There are few things as life-giving as art. When I feel it, boundaries collapse and possibilities grow. It means the world to me, and it fills me with joy to know that it means the world to so many others, too.


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