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‘Selfie’ | Agnieszka Kutera

‘Selfie’ | Agnieszka Kutera.

The inspiration for the art collection was the modern phenomenon which has taken place with the rise of the digital camera, the ‘selfie’

Travelling, architecture and the human body play a significant role in my artwork with all the paintings being based upon the photos I have taken within Europe from the areas which have influenced me the most.

‘Travelling allows me to understand everything that is alien. My experience from travelling is depicted in my pictures.  They present a colourful world mostly focussed on architecture and human body.’

Personally, travelling allows me to relax, unwind and take a break from the fast-paced lives we currently live.  I love to walk around places of outstanding beauty and observe everything in a different way.  Within my paintings I love to capture the unique architecture from buildings around Europe and peoples’ movement.

The aim of this artwork was to underline how we are obsessed about digital media and the kind of possibilities we have by the availability and the limitless number of images we can capture using the digital camera.  We can then choose the one we would like to present on social media.  These possibilities give use the opportunity to deceive the reality, with the desire for beauty making people mask or edit their faces or body.

The paintings part of the ‘selfie’ collection is within context yet are an exaggerated account of selfie photos, they are painted to show the extreme aspects of selfie taking.  As some people are ready to do everything for an ‘exciting’ selfie photo; show a naked body or climb up a skyscraper.  The bold colours and strong contrasting lines emphasise this and bring a personal and specific character to the paintings.


'Selfie' | Agnieszka Kutera



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