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Selfportraits (the story about thoughts)

The story behind my self-portraits is simply my emotions and desire to create a new role.

For example my photo series: “From thoughts…” is about my inner world. Photos from this series talk about melancholy, sadness, which are inseparable part of our life. The idea was born after listen to the music…I had so many feelings that I must reveal them as soon as possible.

The idea of my other series “Rose” was born after watching a flower in vase standing on my desk. And in my mind I created a story about a girl who met a boy. The boy gave her a rose. Then he left and the rose she dried. She never left rose, she treated it as a stigma. She always slept with rose…they were inseparable. Soon she realized that her spine becomes similar to stem of rose.

Dream Embrace_the_day Figure Flying_moth From_thoughts FromThoughts2 kiss Lily Patterns Projection_Of_Fears Dream.jpg”>Rose Rose