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Serie of acrylic paintings “Hearts(black and white) and a painting installation by Stanislav Bojankov

Serie of acrylic paintings “Hearts(black and white) and a painting installation by Stanislav Bojankov.

“Large Heart Iconostasis” is a painting installation, which has dimensions of 840/240 cm and is made up of 14 segments (120/120 cm each). It is filled with my own technology, which is based on the principle of monotype. The material is black carbon-copy paper, from which, with the help of a special glue, charcoal is extracted from the paper, and on the principle of monotype, the traces of the brush and the expression of the artist are transferred to the canvas. Something in the style of “action painting”, an eco-installation built without paint. The artist’s tool is carbon from paper. Something like “carbonizing” the gesture of the artist who improvises on the shape of the anatomical heart. The philosophical meaning is “carbonization” of the heart, as a “Peprtuum mobile of civilization. And by using the form of the Iconostasis (sacred picture), I try to “sacralize” the heart, as the main “engine” of civilization. My idea is to “sacralize” life, in fact, as the highest human value. I also present 6 paintings from the series “Hearts (black and white), which contain the same meaning and eco message for the” carbonized “, worn out and tired heart, in the context of our” carbonized “and tired civilization, which is constantly losing and is she has forgotten her values, and especially the love that inhabits the most humanly important muscle – the heart.

Stanislav Bojankov-Stanko achieves in his work a complete harmony between poetic vision and tangible object.Through the means of art he transfers drawing into different elite dimensions of space.The new Euclids optic which the artist opposes against the secrets of present and future, is like an insight into the fantastic architecture of matter and time.  You can see more on his website,  on Facebook

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