Series of ink drawings “Chronos” by artist and illustrator Victoria Merki

Victoria Merki is a painter, illustrator and designer. She’s been working as an artist since 25 years and her works are in private collections in UK, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Canada, USA, Sweden. She was exposed in state museums in Europe.

“The magic of her art is a transformation of moments of life’s complicity connected to past, present and future, into a source of endless beauty. Her works turn into answers for our sacral questions about mystery of time.” – says an Italian art critic, curator and professor Pino Nicoletti.

To create the series of „Chronos“, Victoria was inspired by her husband who is engaged in watch production. Once, in 2013, he offered her to make a series of works dedicated to the topic of Time and, within a year, she made 12 drawings representing different states and metamorphosis of Time. In the process, she was reading and taking inspiration from quantum physics books, performances of S. Hawking and also greek mythology and philosophy, finding in this way a common ground between ancient world and modern science. As a result, „Chronos“ is a synthesis of external and internal sensations and a try to sense oneself in Time and Time in oneself.

All works are made in a classical technique, with antic ink and pen.

Prints are available on request.

Timeprism 30x40 Timemaschine 30x40

Time stop 30x40 The Scale 30x40 Spirit of Past 30x40 Screaming Time 30x40 Rotation 30x40 Roots 30x40 Horn of Plenty 30x40 Holding Balance 30x40 Chronos 30x40 Birth of the Universe 30x40

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