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Shades Of White

I believe that “creativity is all around us; it only needs to pass through a creative mind”.

I am Tarak, an Applied and Computational Mathematics master’s student at Florida State University. For me art has always been a passion, a passion which has matured with the passing of years. The concept of art is quite intriguing in the sense that people do have various mediums for expressing their thoughts and emotions, be it sculpture, painting or any other medium. When I create my work, a lot of factors are considered. For example, each and every colour for me is significant in expressing one shade of life. Further the shapes conflate with the vibes flowing throughout my paintings. Also most of my paintings will be anonymous for you people out there to interpret them and colour them with your own imagination. Moreover the concept of ART is such diverse that it can transcend countries, languages and other barriers. Such is the power of art. Therefore people have fun and enjoy.

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