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Shadow Art by Diet Wiegman

Diet Wiegman (1944) is an internationally established visual artist.

He has a very comprehensive oeuvre and works in a multitude of disciplines which nicknamed him the ‘art omnivore’, yet he is most famous for being a pioneer in ‘shadow art’ well before it became a genre on its own. Wiegman reflects his vision of looking at seemingly average objects in a totally unique way. He has inspired  people with his art, even making us appreciate trash. For example by illuminating a pile of waste, a contrasting image appears on the wall in the form of a highly detailed shadow. Also, his light sculptures produce more than just a shadow, behind each work lies a concept. Wiegman’s work often plays with cliches, distortion and contradiction. Sometimes philosophical, sometimes downplaying its seriousness, but mostly with a wink.

David After Dinner (1983)  David After Dinner (1983)


Shadow Dancing (2008)Shadow Dancing (2008)

Venus on fire (1985)Venus on Fire (1985)

To be, or... What's the question again? (2014)To be, or… What’s the question again? (2014)

Rembrandt Illuminated (2005)Rembrandt Illuminated (2005)

Dialogue Between Two Chairs (1993)Dialogue Between Two Chairs (1993)

Europa (2013)Europa (2013)

Off BalanceOff Balance (2012)

Growing Icon (2015)Growing Icon (2015)

Regarded from two sides (1984)Regarded From Two Sides (1984)

Shadow from worn shards (1976)Shadow from worn shards (1976)

Geedy Consumption (1993)Greedy consumption (1993)