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Shamans by Katarina Blazhyievska

My name is Katarina Blazhyievska and I am photographer from Ukraine, now based in Beijing (China).

My photos are a mixture of photography, digital art and dreams. Everything I make is beyond daily occurrence and predictability.

Art project “Shamans”  is a mixture of different ethnic cultures. The main aim is to bring some magic in everyday life.

Each picture is a multi-step process, because it is not enough to pick the right person for a specific image and take it off, you need to pass its spirit and its essence, and therefore further processing of the received photos is, perhaps, most important, because during this process, the image takes clear shape, the necessary atmosphere, and integrity.

It’s like working with the painting, in which every detail and every brush movement are important.

During the processing phase I try to plunge into some kind of meditation, undistracted from other ideas and problems. This is how they turn out, and I sincerely hope that it is something interesting!