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Shapes in Smoke, and Color Corrections in Photoshop

Abstract PhotographyThe Scream : Expressing Human Inner Scream which quite out of Control due his deep Problems.

Dangerous Laughing Joker

Dangerous Laughing Joker: A Dangerous Smile of an ugly jokers making fun

Chinese Beard Man

Chinese Beard Man: Calm Old Chinese man looking dangerous

Snake Coming Through

Snake Coming Throughm the snake is just like a problems which bites every second in your life.


The Scream: Screaming

Abstract PhotographyDragon and Laughing Man: A Man having too much problem is his life just laughing for his problems.


Sportsman: a man acting like he is trowing ball.

Dancing WomenDancing Women: a woman or the right just started enjoying

Wooden Statu

Wooden Statue:

Bulman Dancing

Bull man Dancing

Beard Dacning Man

Beard Dancing Man


Woman: Finally feeling free and happy

Evil and the Women

Evil and the Woman: Woman have just disappointed with evil on her head

Fish and the ManFish and the Man: man and fish having joy