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She is naive

Ani Hovak (Ani Hovakimyan) was born in 1989 in Yerevan, Armenia. She is a musician by profession (fleet). She had graduated Yerevan State Conservatory. Ani is also a singer. Now she is working in “Hover” state chamber choir, plays in musical band called “Bells”.

Ani Hovak paints already 4 years, but despite of short experience, she had many solo exhibitions in Yerevan. Today her works are decorating the walls of the most interesting places, galleries, embassies, cafes and restaurants of Yerevan. She had also participated in first International Art Expo in 2015.

Most of Ani Hovaks works are kolages, but she do also graphic pieces. In her Kolages she use useless metalic things and they becoming an important part of the composition. Ani Hovak shows, that even rude and useless materials can make harmony with bright colours and beautiful forms, as, for example fish, elephant or a girl.

As Ani said about her pieces, they are not sad, they are lightly lonesome.

She doesn’t afraid to choose a non-standard forms. The dominant figure of her kolages is fish. Many people asked her why, but Ani has no answer for that. Only thing she says : “I draw what I want innerly in that moment. I just listen to myself. I’m not afraid to make non-standard decisions in art and in life. My works are speaking for me, cause you can see, that many figures had come out of their frames”.

In last 4 years Ani Hovak draws so much, that her works know can be collected by series. Titles of series: “Fishes”, “Elephants”, “She is naive”, “Cities”, “Angels”, “Snails”.