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The shell must first be hurt so as to become a pearl

The persistence of time and an endless search for the explanation of transience through themes, i.e. a way called life, or searching for the essence is the top or the bottom of the same idea, message, sign, or man’s fear to put it all under one’s skin and breathe with it.

Art and its unfathomable distance decorated with colours, movements or tones are a way of putting a burden of subconscious questions and incomplete answers on one’s back. Answers which will only in the future find themselves in the box storing the primordial findings on purpose.


Dreams find a wish by its trace (2)Dreams find a wish by its trace

SPRING AND I SPLIT EQUALLYSpring and I split equally

When I am protecting you from dreamsWhen I am protecting you from dreams

When glances kiss stars talkWhen glances kiss stars talk



The whole sky grows out of a secretThe whole sky grows out of a secret

A FOUND THREADA found thread

Unfaithfulness is faithful to meUnfaithfulness is faithful to me

DSC_3666Childhood is a crystal pear

KISS MY SALTY EYESKiss my salty eyes

A JOURNEY ON A PAPER BOATA journey on a paper boat

DO NOT LEAVE THAT CHILDHOODDo not leave that childhood


All these horses and their forms of life went through my childhood and elevated this human state of being old to the stars and most intricate feelings. My paintings are paintings of the Balkans; the Balkans which brought conquerors on its back who ruled these areas throughout history; my horses ceaselessly suffer for my childhood and are of firm belief that they will bring back to me the most precious time of my life on their back.

My paintings of horses are mysterious and they entice you into starting the dance of fire and ice. They are in an eternal impulse which is closer to coming back than leaving. They will never lie to the observer, or try to take him/her where they have already been and where he/she used to meet them. The horses will always take them to the unfamiliar places full of hope and endless existence.

They are perpetual and always self-sufficient. My art and my search for the essence we call life is actually a burden on the back of my horses on the canvases and the longing in their eyes. This utter silence, silence without any worries, without poverty or longing for anything at any time.

I have been meeting them since I do not know when; I always and very often see them hearing me and passing quietly and shyly, dropping their decorations which are flowers, leaves and drops of their sweat and in which closeness and trust in emotion and humanity can be seen.