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Oil Paintings by Shmuel Hagag

Shmuel Hagag  was born in 1982, Israel.

Paints with oil colors on canvas. Most of his paintings are authentic views, combination of nature and humans. His works are full with spectacular colors, contrasts and mainly- Liveliness.

It’s easy to think that his paintings are actually photographs, thank to his clean, precise and flawless technic. The world of art has always been a big part from his life, That’s where he finds his calmness and comfort. From a young age he used to take pictures of beautiful and meaningful places and brought them to life with his talent. Naturally, his passion became a profession, and people got to know his work and waited for more creations. Art collectors from Israel and all around the world purchase the pieces and keep following in expectation. Shmuel takes a part in internationals art competitions online, He has awards and certifications that show the appreciation of the audience and juries. Every winning makes him develop more as a painter and to work even harder for himself and for his admirers. The main goal is to discover more about the fascinating world of art and create a new piece of me anytime. Yours, Shmuel.

IMG_20141029_1654261921026_10203911103231531_578829475945082777_oreceived_102043990213491791610845_10204415307276317_7043892453219132557_nū11143684_10205288603588179_3611990689328855245_o10484169_10204186054825149_407902378927947493_o10580957_10203647683046191_1423460316203227276_oUntitled-4-210734147_10204037762077923_1489782053649233850_n10648760_10203744350142808_4445479568297830463_o10649091_10203563901031693_6154621500527991059_o10714560_10204081168243050_6594987118163552553_o10292523_10204138743242389_2524415748145471263_nInternational award-winning artwork for 2015 Social Network Art Competition  (SNAC)