Short film about artist Vilija made by Simon Bo Silverdahl

Short film “Vilija”  –

It´s a short story about young Lithuanian female born right after Lithuania got independence from Soviet Union. She has been growing up as an educated artist in art school in Klaipeda since little kid. Vilija always finds her escape in art and nature specially during tuff pore times, her ilness and family crises. In 2010 she imigrated to Sweden and find her self as bodypainter, became independed sucsesfull young artist, director and photographer.

In this short film made by Swedish filmmaker Simon Bo Silverdahl were she brings you for a walk in Åre – North of Sweden and tells part of her story, her relationship to nature, art and dreams.


picture from short film by Simon Bo Silverdahl. Model – Viktoria Silverdahl

more of Vilija Vitkute –
Simon Bo Silverdahl

Picture from shor film by Simon Bo Silverdahl

13230211_1347309298619863_500890243934303586_n Picture from short film by Simon Bo Silverdahl


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