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Sibiu becomes today the street art capital of Romania. 7 artists from 7 countries participate in SISAF

Sibiu becomes today the street art capital of Romania. 7 artists from 7 countries participate in SISAF

Today marks the start of the eighth edition of the Sibiu International Street Art Festival (SISAF), which aims to bring this art form closer to the people of Sibiu, in new areas of the city. For one week, from the 18th to the 24th of July, the 7 selected artists will work day and night to give shape to the works submitted to the festival.

An international edition with street art representatives from 7 countries

The street art circuit in the city should be dynamic, so this year’s works will brighten up completely new areas, as well as a number of blocks in the Calea Cisnădiei area and the Ștrand district, but will also cover up degraded paintings made years ago.

The theme “Reflections” will be found in all 7 works of art and will succeed in highlighting inspirational messages about life that cross all boundaries. The new edition of SISAF brings together well-known artists from Argentina, Austria, France, Malta, Portugal, Czech Republic and, of course, Romania.

This year, the facades of 4 blocks of flats in Sibiu will be completely changed by street art. The work of Argentinian artist Dossier, which will be painted on a block at No 17 Calea Cisnădiei, depicts nature in balance with humanity. The mural suggests a strong personification, portrayed through the image of two key characters – mother nature and a little girl caring for the environment.

In the same area, on Calea Cisnădiei no. 84 and no. 86 A, artists Tim Marsh from Malta and Theo Lopez from France come with their proposals of artworks that are completely different in style, but that address the same theme, “Reflections”. Theo Lopez is currently creating a mural in his abstract style, based on geometric motifs, straight lines and optical effects, highlighting the return to simplicity. On the adjoining wall, Tim Marsh uses geometric shapes and contrasting colours to portray the reflection of the universe in the future if humans continue to pollute and disrupt nature.

Artist Francisco Camilo from Portugal returns after 5 years at SISAF with a new mural, constructed as a representation of the existential thoughts and questions flying through the mind of a teenager: “Who am I?”, “Why am I?”. The work is being created these days on the facade of an ANL block in the Ștrand district, at 1A Prof. Ioan Moga Street.

The tradition of murals painted on educational establishments continues this year on the wall of Secondary School No. 4. Artist Maria Makeeva from the Czech Republic, internationally known for her minimalist style, will represent in a unique way the idea that what we don’t possess we may find in others, and what others don’t have ,we possess, so that only together we can form a whole. The mural painting is part of a large project of the Czech Centre on the occasion of the Czech Presidency of the EU Council.

The artist HNRX was born in Austria and has been travelling like a nomad around Europe for many years. Starting today he is stopping in Sibiu, where he will work for a week on a wall of the Thermal Power Plant on Aleea Biruinței street, which he will cover in his own style. Through the mural he left as a gift to Sibiu, the artist wanted to show how reflection can give a distorted image of reality.

Finally, Romania’s representative in the international edition of SISAF 2022 is Graflin’, an artist from Sibiu. He comes with a unique concept of work, so he will create an art installation in Huet Square made of coloured string to represent reflections in his own style.

This year’s works will complete Sibiu’s outdoor Street Art Gallery – an atypical exhibition, accessible to locals and tourists 365 days a year. It currently comprises 50 locations, 106 murals, and 11,600 square metres of colour, but will be complemented by new artworks that aim to revitalise urban space, in the largest project of its kind in the country.

Sibiu International Street ART Festival is organized by ART Factory Transilvania Association and co-financed by the Sibiu City Hall.

Official Festival Can: Montana Colors

Sibiu International Street ART Festival is an event organized by ART Factory Transylvania Association, co-funded by the Sibiu City Hall. https://www.sprijina.ro/cauze/sustine-sibiu-international-street-art-festival



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