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Signs of Shambhala

The paintings are united with the common idea of legends about sacred country – Shambhala.

All nations narrate legends about the supreme, wisest rulers of the Earth living in the sacred country. Differences in descriptions and names of this country could not hide the fact that all such legends are about the same place. Often legends, especially in the countries of the Central Asia, specify not only a place where the Shambhala is located, but also reference points for pass to it, it is necessary only to be able to see them.

Woman from Belovodye ,Signs of Shambhala

Woman from Belovodye once went out of the cave

The Altay legend about Belovodye (they call so Shambhala) is connected with caves as they say it is possible to reach the sacred land through underground passages starting from the caves. The old men are narrating about great saints living in Belovodye, allegedly they sometime come out to this world.
Once the woman went out the cave; she was not alike local people, her face and cloth was so unusual that they understood she came from Belovodye. Why she came? Maybe to bring the piece of Magic Stone?

Mysterious traveller,Signs of Shambhala

The unearthly gift of Uch-Sure to mysterious traveller

The African legend tells about beautiful city located at the territory of ancient Zimbabwe; and the founder of the city was some “mysterious traveller” which possess Magic Stone and could predict the future with its help. The traveller was “…tall, with dark face, his shoulder covered with cloak of precious cloth…”
I have imagined that the African initiated person after long journey came to the Belukha mountain and there at the waterfall of clear mountain river the Gift of Stone appeared to him. Altayan name of Belukha means Orion – the home of gods, and the Magic Stone – Norbu Rimpoche – falled from Orion; it is depicted symbolically as three rounds or the bowl with fire. The Stone is lying in the Sacred Land on the Rigden Jumpo tower; the pieces of stone are travelling the world and its traces are everywhere!

Sun Daughter,Signs of Shambhala

The fireplace is burning in the celestial yaranga of the Sun Daughter

People of the north have a legend about the polar lights. The daughter of the Sun burns the fire, when the Father sleeps, to please inhabitants of territory where the night reigns for half a year.

The North Pole has great value from the point of view of planetary magnetism.

a border of the sacred country,Signs of Shambhala

Isn’t it a border of the sacred country?

The traveller coming down the passage sees something white in a plane. Getting closer, he is surprised to see a rock of salt. Somebody’s thoughtful hand applied a sign of Norbu Rimpoche (Treasure of the World) at the salt. What is it – the road mark or border sign? Norbu Rimpoche is tight connected with the Sacred Land. When time comes, the magic white horse from Shambhala will take out the Norbu Rimpoche on his saddle and the World will get a chance for salvation.

Canyon Oriflamma,Signs of Shambhala

Canyon Oriflamma

In the unknown and remote mountains, there is fiery canyon. The thin bridge crosses river of fire; only those whose pure heart is full with aspiration and joy could pass the bridge. Across the bridge there is Sacred Land of Shambhala – the land of eternal spring.

Herald of a New Epoch,Signs of Shambhala

Herald of a New Epoch

The painting is devoted to Yuriy Nikolaevich Roerich – scientist, writer, traveller, orientalist, the genius …

The mysterious horseman rides on a white horse. What is he carrying as a message? When Stars will come nearer to the Earth and from their light become bright at night, it will be one of signs on coming of Maytreya.