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Simon Leonidovitch Kozhin

1979 Born in Moscow on 11th March. Given the name of Semyon(Simon in English) after his great grandfather Semyon Mikhailovich Daishutov of Don Cossacks. The artist’s mother, Irina Kozhina (nee Daishutova) is a teacher of the English language. His father, Leonid Kozhin, is an engineer.
1986/88 Appeared in a few movies, some of which made at the Mosfilm Studios, as an extra.
1988/90 A student of the art school in Krasnaya Presnya district of Moscow.
1990/97 A student of Moscow Academic Art Lyceum attached to the Russian Academy of Arts, Moscow. In the course of the studies, he used to practise outdoor painting together with his Lyceum classmates travelling all over Russia (Veliki Luki, Solovki, Ryazan, Russia’s Golden Ring). His graduation drawings were illustrations for Academician Platonov’s The Course of Russian History rated as “excellent”. As a result, Kozhin was attested as having finished a full course of general and professional education.
1997/03 A student of Ilya Glazunov’s Academy of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture, Moscow.
1998, 99 During his course of studies at the Academy Simon Kozhin travelled twice to St. Petersburg. In his first trip Kozhin copied Portrait of Thomas Chaloner by Anthony van Dyck at the Hermitage Museum. During his second trip to St. Petersburg Kozhin copied Village Postman by Gerard Ter Borch at the Hermitage museum and painted a copy of Naked Sitter by Andrei Ryabushkin at the museum of the Imperial Academy of Arts. During those trips Kozhin also painted some outdoor studies of St. Petersburg’s views and got himself acquainted with the palaces and museums of the great city.
2000 In 15 – 30th June visited Alushta where Kozhin painted views of Crimea.
2001 Kozhin was given the assignment to paint a small-size picture to the theme Folk Festivals. He performed two variants of Pancake Week. Farewell to Winter. One of them became his successfully defended course painting. His first journey to the North of Russia, the Vologda area: Vologda, Veliky Ustyug, the Ferapontov and Kirillo- Belozersky Monasteries and Pinega came later that year. In July, on the invitation of his relative, Mike Barry, Kozhin vizited Britain. He painted in Haddenham, England. During
that trip, he visited museums of London and Oxford, painted outdoor some views. Later that year he had his first solo exhibition in Haddenham. He demonstrated 29 paintings. The exhibition was arranged with the help of Marina Barry, his aunt. The first solo exhibition of Simon Kozhin in Moscow was held in the Central House of Tourists on 16–18 May. It coincided with the Christian Ecumenical Youth Conference: «I am with you away, even unto the end of the world» (Mt 28:20). Christianity in the Third Millennium. The artist took part in the conference. His first group exhibition was held in the Russian State Library in Moscow.
2002 His second trip to Haddenham, England. Meets his future wife Olga Zlatoverkhovnikova, a student of the Academy of Painting, Sculpture and Architechture.
2003 His graduation work in the workshop of landscape: The Ferapontov Convent under supervision of Alexander Afonin, rated as “good”. On graduation Kozhin got the qualification of a professional painter. Collaborated with the PIART Artistic Agency as a book illustrator. Makes a series of drawings for the book about Luciano Pavarotti published by the Korean Montessori Publisher for children in 2005. Was married to Olga Zlatoverkhovnikova with whom has a daughter, Ustinia (b. 12.08.2003).
2004 Met art dealer Maria Sokolskaya at the Flower Power exhibition mounted at the Collyer-Bristow Gallery in London. On her invitation Kozhin visited Europe the next
2005 On the invitation of the art dealer Maria Sokolskaya, Kozhin visited Ireland where, at that time, the Oriel Gallery in Dublin mounted an exhibition of Russian artists. Kozhin
also travelled in Russia including the towns of the Golden Ring: Plyos, Kostroma, Suzdal and Vladimir.
2006 On the invitation of the art dealer Maria Sokolskaya and supported financially by two Swiss banks, Kozhin together with the painter Andrey Demin travelled to St. Moritz, Switzerland, where they participated in the Russian art exhibition held at the Carlton Hotel that winter. Later Kozhin painted views of Oxted and its vicinities, as well as views of London.
2007 Kozhin created his personal website, started to work on his logo. Kozhin presents one of his paintings to Queen Elizabeth II: Birches (oil on cardboard, 30 x 25 cm, 2003), attaching a letter to the gift. Later he received a thank-you letter from Buckingham Palace.
2008 The artist gets a grant of the Cultural Heritage Foundation for mastership in painting.
2009 Kozhin became member of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia. Presented his official logo based on the coat of arms
of the Kozhin Family. The artist joined the International Art Foundation.
He finished work on his official logo based on the Kozhin’s family coat-of-arms. Received a thank-you letter from Queen Elizabeth II for the monograph Simon Kozhin (the series of Masters of Painting. Russian Artists, published by the Beli Gorod Publisher).
2010 His first trip with the aim of painting outdoors in the vicinity of the Our Saviour Cloister near the town of Klykovo of Kozelsk district, Kaluga area. A trip to paint outdoors on
the Kolvitsa River, Kola Peninsula, Russia. Travelled to Odessa and the Crimea Peninsula. Kozhin worked as art-director for the Russian Estate Gallery.
2011 Kozhin became member of the Union of Translator-Writers. Opened Kozhin Fine Art, a permanent exposition in the building of the Central City Tower, Moscow.
Was awarded with the Anton Chekhov commemorative medal for high professional achievements and artistic individuality.
2012 The second trip to the Our Saviour Cloister near the town of Klykovo of Kozelsk district, Kaluga area. Kozhin joined the Union of Russian Artists. New Time.
2013 A trip with the purpose to work en plein air in Maloyaroslavets of Kaluga area. A voyage to Turkey (Belek), Spain (island
Tenerife), Greece (island Corfu) and Italy (Isle of Ischia) to practice sea plein air painting.
2014 Presented one of his paintings to President Vladimir Putin. A trip to the island of Rhodes (Greece), Marmaris (Turkey), and Sutomore (Montenegro), to practice sea plein
air painting.

Simon Leonidovitch Kozhin, ‪#‎artpeople‬ www.artpeoplegallery.com

2016. Oil on canvas. 53.5 x 70 cm.

Simon Leonidovitch Kozhin, ‪#‎artpeople‬ www.artpeoplegallery.com. Aragonese Castle at sunset. Ponte Aragonese. Ischia. Italy. 2013. Oil on canvas on cardboard, oil. 25 x 35 cm.

Simon Kozhin. Sunset. Ust Koiva. Urals.Simon Leonidovitch Kozhin, ‪#‎artpeople‬ www.artpeoplegallery.com

Sunset. Ust Koiva. Urals.


Simon Kozhin. Alps.Simon Leonidovitch Kozhin, ‪#‎artpeople‬ www.artpeoplegallery.com


Simon Leonidovitch Kozhin, ‪#‎artpeople‬ www.artpeoplegallery.com

View from the Gardens of Augustus of the Faraglioni rocks. Capri. Italy.

Simon Leonidovitch Kozhin, ‪#‎artpeople‬ www.artpeoplegallery.com


Simon Leonidovitch Kozhin, ‪#‎artpeople‬ www.artpeoplegallery.com