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Simplemente Hyper-Realism By Jose Miguel Rodriguez.

He is an Artist who is born in the Dominican Republic, I work the Hyper-Realism for 3 age dedicated to painting to me what is always a diversity of topics with a social concept or moments forgotten in the current society, my works are realized in linen,

Collection 2 Series ' Lost Infancy ' 30'x50 ' oil on linen. 2015.

Collection 2 Series ‘ Lost Infancy ‘
30’x50 ‘
oil on linen.


IMG_1171 copyCandy Girl573_3800
His works are original and created for the artist with great dedication, his topics are created by photography thought by the artist it takes them to a linen with his workmanship in the this tendency working current, has an aptitude to be employed at different tendencies of the Art, to informed in several exhibition at his country as also Houston Texas, and Mexico.