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Simplified Realism By Afnan Rauf


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  • Born in 1992

Afnan’ Rauf is a representational fine artist – Painter located in New York City. His style of work is simplified Realism. Where he summarizes his subject to the point necessary. Currently experimenting with textures and surrealism.

He specializes in oil paints and charcoal. Also inspired by the impressionistic movement, he creates illusions of reality which break apart as one gets closer to his work making it even more powerful. His work gets better and better as he pushes himself forward. He is constantly growing as an artist becoming wiser and smarter while learning from his heroes.

“To me there is nothing quite like the excitement of creating a painting or a sketch. Spending years figuring out what the great masters did made me a problem solver. Instead of “copying” the subject I translate it into my own words by compressing all the unnecessary information. Even the composition can be simplified. I believe every artist has there own philosophy on the “how” of painting or drawing.

Probably the one artist who has inspired me the most is Richard Schmid. From him that I learned how to think as an artist. John Singer Sargent is  also another inspiration to me. I would spend hours just studying his paintings. doing color studies to practice color mixing. Now I am focusing on my compositions along with my craft. There are other amazing artists in the art world today who inspire me as well.”

Website: AfnanRauf.com

Instagram: www.instagram.com/uvujv