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Singular Moments That Transform Us

Nature Series

Nature Series

I'm standing in front of the Mural – Baptistery, I was commissioned to paint

Still Life Series ...

Still Life Series

Nature's Fury, 48 X 36 (2) Morning Glory, 20 x 24 Heavenward Reach, 18 X 24 Golden Moment, 48 x 36 Freedom, 24 x 20 Festival 18 x 24


Victoria Aaron; second generation artist,  third generation writer.  Her life of painting began at the knee of her artist father in Duncanville, Texas.


An individualist—existential in her views—she captures reflection, energy … hope.   With her oils, she focuses on that which is exceptional about life.


Victoria Aaron invites the viewer to share her experience as she travels, hikes through nature, OR when she discovers the depth of the human condition and spirit of another.  She compels you to share with her each phenomenon in life one never wants to forget.


This artist captures the most sensual nuance and renders it meditative:  Provoking.  Stimulating. Mesmerizing.


No one merely observes Victoria Aaron art—one feels it. She facilitates the  human journey making the forgotten real again.  For in short moments, most all see the exotic miracles that take shape around us … but we find it difficult to retain them.  Her paintings are our reminder as she captures the brilliance of one special moment in time; those singular moments that transform us.


In her own words, “Feeling is the universal language of understanding ourselves, as a whole.  And as one, we are  the power and wisdom of the universe.  We become the prayer that Nature already knows, ending all loneliness and despair.”


Unlike so many artists who paint one theme, Victoria Aaron paints life.   The thread that makes her work memorable and recognizable is not just her dynamic use of color, soft strokes, and pulsating texture.  It’s also the indigenous heartbeat she usurps from her subjects and releases onto the canvas.  All who value an irrepressible act of expression own Victoria Aaron art.


“Art is a reflection of both our inner and outer world, filtered through our mind and heart. It should therefore be as individual and personal as each of us; rich with dreams, hope, and feelings.   All of which are the purest forms of communication.”  


Being raised in an artist’s home where consistently one or more paintings were works in progress, where a plethora of original paintings hung on every wall and were stacked about as though art were commonplace, and taught that artists should be reticent of their talent Victoria didn’t show her work in public until she was commissioned to paint a 10x20ft. church mural/baptistery in 1977. Fifteen years later, her art was exhibited at impressive galleries across the United States and even Hawaii, where her paintings were added alongside Picasso’s, Monet’s, Rembrandt’s, and Matisse’s.  While living in Colorado throughout the nineties, Victoria served on the Colorado Art Guild board.  The galleries who have represented her work in the past are:


The amazing,  ART FIND – a.k.a. DeRossi Gallery in Kealakekua, Hawaii;  The Lawson Gallery, Seattle; Lovers Lane Fine Art Gallery, Dallas;  Top of the Line Art Gallery, Ft. Worth;  A New Gallery, Lake Tahoe, CA;   Bader – Melnik Gallery, Vail, CO; Circle Gallery, Denver; Paradiso Art Gallery, Colorado Springs & Woodland Park; Business of Art Center (BAC), Manitou Springs, CO;  and others.  At this time, she is not showing in any galleries.


Victoria now resides in Rio Rancho, New Mexico.