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Sketchbook 2017 | Adam Redoblado

Sketchbook 2017 | Adam Redoblado.

I started doodling again for 2017 and this time I wanted to make sure that I actually fill up a sketchbook with every page used because I have the tendency to jump from one sketchbook to another.

I’ve been drawing mostly artworks that are heavy in details and line work. It’s because I really love using the pen since it’s easy to carry around and I get more control over illustrating. It’s a form of mediation for me and a quick break from reality.

Most of my subjects are abstract and somewhat whimsical. I guess I just draw whatever comes to mind and whatever I feel like drawing.

Sketchbook 2017 | Adam Redoblado.Sketchbook 2017 | Adam Redoblado. Sketchbook 2017 | Adam Redoblado.