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Skilled hands

When we look at an art work, each one of us might get different thoughts and feelings, There is nothing wrong with that, for some artworks hides more meanings under the surface than they show.

This is a portrait that captured me in all possible ways, starting with lights and shades, color, personality of the model, positioning which the photographer created and was very successful at , ending  with all the emotions that carried by that look .. That moment.. The connection between a hand and eyes.
Each one may translate this painting  different from another because it’s one of those artworks that hides more than they reveal.
I hope that you received my message, and also hope that I was able to please whoever took some time to look at my painting.
Comments are welcome, sharing and liking are appreciated to spread the word.
For purchase, info and requests, shoot me a message on my Facebook  at Ameel Shaba  or send an email to : ArtofAmeel@gmail.com or ameel1977@gmail.com .


FullSizeRender_1321752921“Skilled hands”
Oil on canvas 40″x 30″ (102 Cm X 76 cm)
By Ameel Shaba(U.S)
Photographer: Simon Hibberd(U.K)
Model: Pete Balchin(U.K)
Start time: November 14/2015
End time: February 23/2016
Continuous time spent : 65 hours.
About the painting:

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