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Skull Art – Sweet and Creepy paintings

Zuzanna Zu Jankowska is a young artist from Poland. In her creations, she combines painting with a design. Her inspiration is not only a pop culture but also nature.

The artist created a series of paintings with animals’ skulls – bulls, deer, rodents and other mammals (sometimes humans).

Piramida zwierząt/Pyramid of animals
Zu creates a colorful and symbolic world. In this world, the skulls are of the lead role. She tries to make them have a new value and implicates them in a human and domestic space.
She does not focus on their classic meaning but makes them more friendly. According to Zuzanna, these elements are considered as decorative.

Pierwszy stopien do piekla/The first step to hell
Przodek Moby Dicka/Moby Dick’s ancestor

Zuzanna also created many other authorial series, inter alia: with other animals and women nude photography. She runs her own artistic project: ZJ-Art Project (former name – Zu Jankowska Project,

for more information visit: https://www.facebook.com/ZuJankowskaProject.

Role się odwróciły/The boot is on the other foot
W paszczy lwa/In the lion’s jaws