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Slava Fokk Art |Oil On Canvas

Russian artist Slava Fokk was born 1976, into a family of artists in the city of Krasnodar .

Since his early childhood Slava has been captivated with painting and his diploma work “The Last Trolleybus” was recognized as the best art work for the last 20 years in the history of the school. Slava Fokk developed an interest in the aesthetics of surrealism; allusions, paradoxical and phantasmagoria combinations began to prevail in his work. Furthermore, the artist found himself in the merger of neoclassicism and modern art. Slava Fokk created a series of paintings in art deco style and his passion for the German painter, Otto Dix, inspired him to design his first graphic works in this style. In 2000 Fokk had his first personal exhibition in Southern Russia, a phase where he embodied his graphic images into his paintings.

Slava Fokk

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