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Small worlds by osiArt

We live in our little world – every man for himself.

We go our daily obligations to and try to steer so that the world works for our thoughts. Everything we do and experience we build together so that we can sleep well at night.
Constantly we are looking for distraction, appreciation, affection and love – small bites that make us feel good. What if this little world collapses when it is threatened again and again? The current world affairs has prompted me to paint these pictures. Although I possible not dealing with press releases and bad news a few impressions are still leaked. There are tell stories faces. Expressions impress. Miniature Worlds have been threatened, collapsed or caught. Looks in eyes of questioning, slaked, overstimulated, resolute, and abused children. They are our future. What will become of them? What has become of us? Is this the price of our prosperity?

strange times

on road