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Softer will be the fall



This serie was nearly improvised wit Marion a good friend and model, I had few elements to start with, the veil, the dress she wears and some time, I really wanted to show the edeges of her body, without showing it completely, Marion was playing sofly with the clothe and with the light at the same time, the backlight was giving the dramatic mood I really wanted for this serie, with deep blacks areas and burnt white edeges and in between the model and its grace. The shoot started analog, this was my primary goal, unfortunately, the tripod socket turned loose and my heavy and beloved Pentax 67 fell down after 10 frames … I pursued digital, though there are two shots saved from the analog serie.IMG_0361 IMG_0367 IMG_0432 IMG_0460 IMG_0528 IMG_0536 IMG_0651 IMG_0703