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Solar Eclipse, A Journey

Solar Eclipse, A Journey.

Decades ago before I was a photographer I saw an image that seared itself into my consciousness.  It was of a woman playing golf on the Bonneville Salt Flats with a full moon completely encircling her body.  The image was powerful and compelling.

Some time later I became aware that a solar eclipse would be coming to the US and it occurred to me this was an opportunity to fulfill this inspiration in my own way — a woman in front of an eclipse.  In fact, a VERY rare and unique opportunity.

Solar eclipses are not a rare phenomenon in and of themselves.  They happen somewhere in the world in bursts, sometimes a couple a year, sometimes a couple years between them.  But they are rarely seen near the horizon and are often occluded by weather.  Additionally, to get an eclipse and a person in rough proportion to each other requires a very long distance of unobstructed landscape, not very common on a planet of diverse foliage broken by dense human civilization.  The combination of these conditions is exceedingly rare but it happened in 2012 in the American southwest.

Here, this particular eclipse’s path would take it through wide open expanses in a region known for its limited precipitation and cloud patterns.  And importantly, end its trajectory across the sky at the horizon over land (instead of at sea, or in dense forests, or over the polar ice caps).  This was an opportunity that would not be repeatable for literally decades at best.

4 years of contemplation, calculation, and planning for this event were almost derailed by a number of adverse circumstances including travel delays, model cancellations, property access permissions, vehicular breakdowns, and more but resulted in 4 minutes of the most unique and artistic solar eclipse photos you’ll see.

Above and beyond circles in the void, they represent mankind’s millennia long interrelationship with the celestial realm.



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