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someone and others

Humanity is being beaten down by the civilization he himself built.

The values we claim to have and try to protect is fading away day by day and the heartlessness we once had and thought to have left behind is growing. Vacation commercials broadcasted after news of people passing away, violence upon women and macho men figures, hamburger commercials displayed right after world hunger is not causing any concern or sensitivity on people, however, news of two gay men, eastern and western man, rich and poor getting close to each other is enough to cause a negative hype. It is work about “someone and others”, built upon the paradox of bringing together or separating people is the cause for putting two contradicting ideas on top of each other. The audience that faces the trouble of belonging in the beginning, reaches the conclusion that there is something wrong. These visuals allow all those innocent and violent people, those who belong and don’t belong, peace and war, wine and blood to share “that” moment. Each character seen in every photo relates to the present and future of all humanity. Even though you are sipping your coffee in peace right now, you are facing the possibility of losing all you have by a superpower. Don’t you forget that on that day, there will be others who are sipping their coffee in peace.

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