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Once Somewhere by Katarina Blazhievskaya

Working on each photo, I try to convey mood in the first place.

For me the most important is the study of colours in each work. Shooting process itself takes a small amount of time. Each image is a multi-step work process , it is not enough to pick the right person for a specific image and take it off, you need to pass its spirit and its essence, and therefore further processing of the received photos is, perhaps, most important, because during this process, the image takes clear shape, the necessary atmosphere, integrity and mood.In everyday life I am constantly looking for inspiration in unusual items, which can be used as elements in the photo works. In this set, I used elements of yarn, flowers, hay, and even mold, which was grown in the box for three months (I hope that it was not dangerous) :-? .So welcome!

Solar Eclipse Solitude Dreamcatcher Cocoon The-Wall