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Spacial Effects of Light and Color

I am not interested in making a painting more than it is;

I am creating an inherently 3-dimensional image on a 2-dimensional surface as an object. When making my work, I am interested in the perception of light and color and how it creates space. Right now I work from memories and personal photographs of rural landscapes. Rural landscapes are flat but deep and open especially when viewed from the highway. Features of the landscape are exaggerated and fleeting when in motion; the horizon line becomes a steady rhythm beating to the heart of the Earth. There is harmony in light and color in these places that create and disintegrate real world space. Finding that balance on my surface then abstracting those elements creates an image creates an image that is new and different to me while still being familiar.

TheHose ThePipe ThePost Yo-Yo ClusterofOne TheAirplaneIsOpenTheHose-680x679