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Spoof – illustrated short stories

my name is Razvan Dumitru, i am an artist / architect living in Bucharest, Romania.

Spoof is a project i have stared with a friend, Miruna Dumitrescu, who is a copywriter. I create all the digital artwork and she writes the short stories. We create short glimpses into Spoof’s ordinary life. Spoof is one of us, a boy with a life as complex and vivid as ours who wonders about the purpose, the meaning and how it will all end just as much as we do. He’s special in that different way that we all are, that way that makes others curious about where we come from and how we arrived here to this place where all of us meet and stop being others.


Her2,www.artpeoplegallery.com ‪#‎artpeople‬ online art galleryShe never considered herself a lady, and maybe that was also because she never tried to be one in particular. She had a subtle grace that would make it clear for anyone around her that she was something else. That lady she maybe sometimes wanted to be was vivid somewhere between her mind and stomach, never showing off, always busy decorating.

2.The Ghost of Monday Morning

_The-Ghost-of-Monday-Morning,www.artpeoplegallery.com ‪#‎artpeople‬ online art gallerySpoof knew her well. They didn’t have much in common, but he understood her like nobody else.
Every Sunday she would try and help the unhappy. She would sneak into their rooms to remind them of perdition and change. Her eyes had the power to make them see what she saw. But truth scared the hell out of everyone since ages, so thousands of people would spend the night pretending she wasn’t there. The few ones who reckoned her however ended up forgetting she ever existed, but she never complained. She is the ghost of Monday morning and she’s been there with you every Sunday, ever since you started hating Mondays.

3.The Long Flight

The_Long_Flight,www.artpeoplegallery.com ‪#‎artpeople‬ online art galleryPeople from Chiloe believe that traveling by plane is not indicated because the soul is way slower than the body. It takes time to travel on his own, and wonders for days before arriving back to its case. Showing it the beauty of each and every cloud is the best way to make it want to break free.
He read it in a book once and knew it to be true, just like he knew he was never going to be a pilot.

4.It’s time to grow up

www.artpeoplegallery.com ‪#‎artpeople‬ online art galleryThe first serious scratch happened when he was ten. He fell from his favorite tree. Spoof used to climb it and share his secrets, his dreams, his childish sorrows. He wasn’t crying because of the pain in his knee, but because he felt betrayed. He used to feel safe in the forest and his best friend has stolen the worm fuzzy feeling of protection from him. “It’s time to grow up”, his mother said. He didn’t understand then that growing up didn’t mean stop climbing trees. When he came back home to visit he didn’t find his old friend tall and beautiful. Only his precious rings were left of him, reminding them both how old they were. Spoof knew that it was time for change, again.

5. The Forest

www.artpeoplegallery.com ‪#‎artpeople‬ online art galleryThey told him dark was evil and cold. He learned that blue was sad and most of it all, lonely. But there was hope and playfulness in the way the moon was covering the upper side of his truck. This darkness he was witnessing was kind and deep. A warm silence flooded the road, and in this dark ocean of blue and moon, only the squirrels knew that he wasn’t driving.