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Stainless Steel and Wire Mesh by Seung Mo Park

MAYA (generally meaning “illusion” in Sanskrit) featuring selected works of Seung Mo Park.

Maya is the third phase in a trajectory of Park’s conceptual works dealing with reality, illusion, and existence. Barely possessing materiality of sculpture, or the ideas within them, the idea and conceptualization of MAYA is far from tangible substances.

With his new methodology and process, Park overlaps several layers of steel mesh and rotates them slightly so they are slightly out of line with one another — leaving a space about two finger widths between. He then sketches the contours of the images of his models on steel meshes and cuts them out, creating a three-dimensionality in these contours. Depending on the viewer’s standpoint, the images may look transparent, illusory, or shadowy.

Lives and works in Brooklyn, NY  ,EDUCATION  1998 BFA Dong A University, Korea


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