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Starlight Pictures Astrophotography

So I built an Observatory in my back garden in Wiltshire and I image things in Space.

I then process the data captured by my telescopes and create artworks of all that is beautiful in space. Images attached are the Rosette Nebula, The North American and Pelican Nebulae, Star Trails, The Elephant Trunk nebula, and the Wizard Nebula.

I also image the Moon, the International Space Station, Comets and the Planets all can be seen on my website. My work has won the Army Arts Society Photography Prize for the last two years.

It is the most satisfying of hobbies, I encourage anybody to go outside on a clear night and look up. Give it 10 mins and you will probably see a shooting star (a meteor)

By day I draw all those little people over at www.smallworldpictures.co.uk

Rosette Nebula North American and Pelican Star Trails Elephant Trunk nebula Wizard Nebula