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Stew illustrations personal favorites

Trying to explore as much style and technique as i can but this is not my day job and i’m aware of the imperfections in my portraits. Pop culture is my favorite subject to paint. And as you can tell by the pictures almost everything can be used as a canvas.

My preferred medium is acrylics, most pieces are made on board but canvas will do just fine as well.

The Johnny Cash guitar is a very different technique then what i do with a brush. His light tone is spray painted on the black guitar, spattered the texture in there and erased all dark parts like hair, eyes, shadow and contours with a very hard pencil eraser. Very fun to do and easier to do instead of painting all details, good enough for a simple piece.

As you can see from an in progress pic i try to sketch loose and build up from there but there’s no real pattern or method, just trying as we go along.


Pieces include are made over the years with the newest one being the Spengler Rolling Stone cover where I tried to add some lines in the details making it more illustrative.

The oldest one is the Dan Aykroyd from 2011, this was my first painted colored acrylic piece.
spenglerimg freddieIMG cashbig harrisbig bossbig raybig