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Still Life | BAGERART

Still Life | BAGERART

I’m a still life photographer standing between painting and photography. In this way, the composition I have created is closer to the still life picture type.  My basic desire is to have a picture and photo feeling of the people who see my photos. I love creating compositions with contrasting colors. In this way, I can highlight the objects that I want to appear more. The use of contrast light affects me more. Contrast light and contrast colors give the viewer more emotion.

Bager Kaya is a professional Kurdish photo-Artist based in Istanbul Turkey. Kaya started the art of photography with the Olympus compact camera, which was gifted by his mother. The light-shadow, color, loosening of clear and precise lines, melting, and fusing of forms in composition and compositions of the Baroque period have a great influence on Kaya’s art. The fine arts library, where Kaya has worked for many years, has been a great help in improving his eye.

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