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Still Life Paintings | HEATHER DENISON

Still Life Paintings | HEATHER DENISON.

I live in a rural area in New Zealand and am fascinated by the amazing animals on the surrounding farmlands; particularly the bulls. I strive to capture their presence in large oil on canvas paintings. Growing up in Africa, it was the wildlife that inspired me to paint and it continues to be the essence of my work. I paint in a photo realistic style, building up many layers of oil paint, giving depth and life to my work. I am represented by several galleries in New Zealand and have won awards for my paintings in many shows throughout the country.

Image may contain: bird,Still Life Paintings | HEATHER DENISON

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Image may contain: bird,Still Life Paintings | HEATHER DENISON

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Heather Denison is a full time artist who works from her studio in the countryside of Hawkes Bay.

She was born in Zimbabwe and spent her early years working as a graphic designer, but it was her love of wildlife that lead her to a career as an artist.

Since her move to New Zealand in 2003, the focus of her work has changed from the wild animals of Africa to the wildlife and gardens surrounding her rural property.

Heather has won awards for her bird and botannical artwork and has paintings held in private collections in New Zealand and Overseas.

“My inspiration comes, mostly, from the connection between the natural world and the human element. In my still life paintings, the blend of past and present; man-made items combined with the creatures that inhabit the landscape echo that delicate balance. In all my work, I strive to capture the emotion, atmosphere and beauty of my subject matter.”



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