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Still Looking Forward | EBEN AQUILA

I am a self-taught artist based in Bangalore. While I moonlight as a hyper realist, I am also an interior designer.

I love to work with my hands and believe myself to be a creator. I have always chosen to tread a path where I create everything including the path I take. My eyes binge on aesthetics and I have an insatiable itch to make everything look good.

Under Aquilan Touch I take orders for portraits and murals for commercial and home spaces. I have also helped design a couple of restaurants and have worked with builders on residential projects.

Where I am headed?

I am headed towards greatness, with a few pit stops at Design school, more exhibitions and livelier themes to explore. My inspirations come from the most regular of things around me, because when I recreate them I know I can amaze my audience to see the extraordinary in the ordinary.


Still Looking Forward
12″ x 17″
Ink and graphite on paper

The person has seen a lot, gone through many situations, felt so much, hurt much and still looking forward to see what is ahead. Showing the unfailing spirit to survive and make it through to a better life. I have used the eye as its said that it is the window to the soul, expressing every tiny detail of emotion.

The two colours I have chosen for the theme is black and white. They are the purest opposites available and fit right into the light and shadow game I want to capture.

Water-luscious, stays as still as glass, reflecting. It flows and fills every crevice of your mind. Following each welcoming droplet of calm, you turn round the corner. You step into disturbia. Born from negativity, ripples emerge from you. A tentative turn makes waves slaps outwards, the unrest erupts, crashes against your innards. It forces your eye to see the slate being wiped clean. It is unforgiving and there is no stopping it. Contained in itself, Rage overcomes your every sense.


Aftermath Assemblage

30″ x  22″

Ink, acrylic and graphite on paper