The stinging criticism of Marco Santos

The stinging criticism of Marco Santos (1981 – Valença, Portugal)


Marco Santos´s work takes us into the shadows of society, in the disguised reality presented to us by different media, manipulation an distortion of our reality.


Marco Santos is a Portuguese artist with an already long career. His Works, framed in a personal and unmistakable style are the reflection of a distorted, machiavellian and dysfunctional society, transforming his Works into a megaphone to denounce what is not working well and becoming, in this way, a tool for reflection and the change.


His criticism is clear and concise to corruption of society and the stillness and immobility of the people against injustice and hardship. (Elena Ojea)


My main goal is to express my views through art, with my work reflects the circumstances surrounding me, awaiting the expectro of a heterogeneous, changing and critical society. ,


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