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Story telling with Nature – Acrylic Painting |Ryan Mico

Story telling with Nature – Acrylic Painting |Ryan Mico

Hope, Hard-work and faith. *KEEP FIGHTING*

No matter how dark the world is – a new day will rise( a brand new happy day)


Alone in the bleak winter. -Sometimes, people need to distant themselves – for Spirituality and Peace

A spiritual hibernation painting. It resembles the value of season on our lives – just like winter, it will pass.

The picture portrays the real beauty of Mother Nature – that represent personality, character and expression. These painting focuses on light, one of the strongest elements when it comes to painting. It evokes the mood, story – and the energy of each individual detail of the structure.  Throughout years, people tend to neglect the value of nature – and my goal is to ensure that no matter where we go, we should never forget that everything falls for a reason – not by the natural gravity, but for the home that was given for us – and that is the what we called Earth.