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Stuart Griggs – Art of the imaginal

Stuart Griggs is an artist of the deep imagination . The work deals with with interior narrative, symbol and intention to visually portray the Divine Form.
It explores the nexus of drawing and digital art, through synthesising the two in an elegant visual language that immerses & probes into the psychic pool of collective archetypes.
The work is a pictorial journey where multidimensional spa
ces & symbols weave together to explore and manifest the primordial & the transpersonal, resonating with our profound awareness of our unity & interconnection.
Themes of sacred divinity, fertility, ritual, flow, transcendence & healing are synergising through the imagery as i allow a tacit sense of the numinous to unfold.
My work expands and interacts in our globally connected environment  .It is cross cultural fusion  that utilises  new technology while intergrating archaic elements , shamanic  motifs and stylistic influences from , symbolism, surrealism , abstraction, and contemporary illustration.  .It mirrors our times ,but offers a boundary dissolving shift in perspective. In a time of sociio political and environmental crisis the works message offers a paradigm of interconnectivity  and healing  within ourselves and nature . 
supernatural-websentient network supernatural detail sentient network-detail  blessing of manStuart Griggs offers art that communicates directly with the human spirit. Art that can be seen in a diversity of contexts from the internet to printed   merchandise to the gallery to festival environments. www.stuartgriggs.com