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SUMAKK art,travel, food project created by Vilija Vitkute & Leila Abasova

Two Lithuanian females in Muslim country Marocco drove 1500km thru Atlas mountains, valleys and along the ocean and first time in history made body painting there. Warm and welcoming people, tasteful and real food, magnificent landscapes, inspiring and esthetical interiors and art deco – that is Morocco. It is very safe to travel there. And if your name is Leila or Fatima (its their favorite Arabic name) – you are treated as a princess there! – discounts in the hotels, free tours and food, even no fine from the police once you are caught for exceeding the speed limit.


Bodypainting/ Photography – Vilija Vitkute

Model – Leila Abasova

Made in Marocco/ Atlas Mountains


“Starting from bodypainting in the blue hotel room, photographing in forbidden places, visiting dead town built from mud and sand, crazy road trip through Atlas Mountains where we were almost out of gas and food in the middle of nowhere and we found it the last minute before the darkness. Thanks to the good mood because we got the gas we decided to give a lift for 2 tired local women who worked at mountains hard and drive them to Demnat. The curvy road made them feel sick so they were throwing up all the way, but in the and they were very happy and thankful: ‘Shokran’ – thank you in arabic – they were saying 100 times . At the end of the day the big orange moon was shining for us when we were falling asleep in the car high in mountains “

IMG_2056 IMG_2071

“Risk makes this adventurous, ‎art‬ project even more exciting. All colourful face hair and body, posing and hiding from the locals in a muslim country. Not that we are scared and not that Morrocans are aggressive. Opposite! they are really warm and welcoming people with genuine smile and big heart. We simply respect their culture and traditions and dont want to make it uncomfortable.
It took us all day to cross Atlas Mountains yesterday and today we continue our journey deeper in this amazing country”


Sumakk is about lifestyle that many of us dream to have but not always dare.

In Sumakk365 we share our experiences on how to live and not to leave the ADVENTUROUS, TASTY, HEALTHY, BEAUTIFUL LIFE.
We INSPIRE to live healthy and with the nature, we INSPIRE to travel, we INSPIRE to create art, we INSPIRE to be curious and to be open.

– Vilija & Leila