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Summer paintings from Alex Heil

Alex Heil (f) is a German artist whose paintings are imaginative, detailed and refreshing.


With one of her favorite subjects being the human body, Heil paints the beauty, serenity and simpleness of her figures, focusing on their actions and intense movements.

Looking like dreamy memories of the summer and scenes of vacations that remain on one’s mind, these cropped views Heil offers her audience are a taste of the subjects’ experiences. Using a vintage-looking color palette, the painter gives her characters an anonymity and timelessness that keeps them alive, nourishes them and gives them a purpose.

As Heil paints the undulating waves of the pool water delicately and precisely, her numb, unworldly characters complete these compositions of reality, memory and existence. The intense blue and the bright nude skin in these works draw the viewer into a dream-lie dimension, inviting him to imagine being the unidentified figure in the painting.