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Relax from the city bustle. Wake up your senses with the fragrance of a fresh bouquet of chamomiles, verdure and fruits. How do Russians rest? They go to the dacha, water the garden, harvest, talk with friends and dance. No matter whether it rains or the sun shines. Wear a raincoat and enjoy the nature and fresh air. Get in touch with Russians culture; be closer to us.


Photography: Ksenia Dolgorukova (@ksenia.dolgorukova)
Photo assistant: Artem Sedanov (@sedanovphotos)
Style: Anastasiya Minasyan (@ariansdaughter)
Makeup & Hair: Tatyana Morozova (@morozovatat)
Model: Helga Gavrilyuk
Model: Elizaveta Krasnikova (@_helegeth_)
Model: Natalia Savran (@natasha_savran)
Model: Uliana Lavrichenko


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