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Sunset Selfies





When Mars House of Pizza says: WE DELIVER ANYWHERE, they mean it.


While I was watching the sunset tonight, I couldn’t stop blinking. “Hey. Do I have something in my eye?” I asked Keith, my chameleon friend.
“Yeah,” Keith said. “It’s a bug.”
“Can you get it out?” I asked.

Dolphin level_1400

It’s hard enough to earn the trust of a wild baby lake dolphin. But to get one to jump through a hoop on command so close to shore…it makes all the years of patient training seem worth it tonight.


Today, I was enjoying a sunset banana down by the lake when the most amazing thing happened. All of a sudden, this warm breeze started blowing across my neck and it smelled just like bananas too.


For anyone who has ever wondered if their horse would make a good kayak partner…I wouldn’t count on it. Mine didn’t pick up his paddle once.


When I finally got up the nerve to approach the beautiful mermaid down on the beach, a friend suggested I bring her a bouquet of roses. But I had a better idea.

monkey cut_1400

He’s not the greatest stylist in the world, but he doesn’t charge much either. Where else are you going to find a four-banana cut these days?

Rino Ring Toss_1400

I can’t think of a better way to wind down at the end of the day then with a little Rhino Ring Toss. For anyone interested: All you need is a rhinoceros and a ring and you’re good to go.Alien_1200-680x471When Mars House of Pizza says: WE DELIVER ANYWHERE, they mean it.


Camila wanted to make a sand castle. I’ve been missing India lately. So we came up with a design that would make us both happy.


Her name was Lindsay and we connected through an online dating site. After an exchange of emails, we decided get together for drinks at an ocean-side restaurant on Bonita Beach.
“It’s so nice to finally meet you face to face,” Lindsay said with a raspy cackle.
“You, too,” I agreed. “Though I have to admit, you look a little different from your profile picture.”