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Super Heroes

This collection Super Heroes consist of 9 oil paintings in variety of sizes.

Through this collection I wanted to blend together superheroes I have admired since a child. Double exposure allowed me to get deeper into the subject, and it allowed me to trigger the critical thinking among the viewers. The main message is to inspire people to look deeper into things, that sometimes inner Superman is in people and things we may not consider “super” at first.

It was also planned to to inspire people to look at things from different perspective.

Collection consist of oil paintings in sizes: 2x 150x80cm, 1x 150x100cm, 5x 100x100cm, 1x 100cm diameter.

superheroes-marcin-rogal s-marcin-rogal-art-artwork-marvel-superman-mickey-painting s-capitan-america-popeye-art-artwork-marcin-rogal s-tweetty-art-artwork-wonder-women-art-marcin-rogal s-catwoman-art-artwork-black-disney-marcin-rogal saatchi-princess-leia-slave-art-star-wars-artwork-marcin-rogal satchi-supergirl-superman-mickey-art-artwork-marcin-rogal-sztuka-obrazy spin-painting-round-art-mickey-superman-artwork-marcin-rogal s-superman-art-marcin-rogal-artwork-garfield-painting s-batman-art-blvck-art-marcin-rogal-artwork art collection