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Surreal Photography by Marina Gondra

This is a series of photographs that talks about the sea and the sense of loss that causes me when I’m near it.

My name is Marina Gondra and dedicate myself to create stories through my pictures.
Although I became interested in photography since my childhood, it was not until three years ago when I started to turn this hobby into a lifestyle. While attending the final year of Fine Arts, majoring in painting, I made a trip to Italy for 7 months to complete the degree. They were very hard times filled with loneliness, and photography became a therapy to overcome it. That’s how I started to make my first photo manipulations, in which I photographed myself in dream worlds to fill that emptiness.
Upon returning from that trip I decided to devote the rest of my life to photography.
Lost Memories never told Moon Pirate Song The Guardian The Last Shipwreck Survivor