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Surrealistic illustration

My name is Aiste Chapman,I am an artist.I born in Lithuania but I moved to United kingdom in 2007 and been living here since.

All my life I loved to draw it’s become part of my life part of me.My favourite artist is Salvador Dali I love his work ,it influenced me my work and heled to become a new me who i am now.

I have my own style I call it decorative surrealism.Most of my drawings black and white I love black ink pens they are the tool in my work.Most of drawings are very detailed it makes them to stand out.I love to play with colour too but it’s more as an ascent for me.My charakters live in a world we usually don’t see but it’s right under our noses. Fantasy world there everything is possible from evil to sweet magic. It looks as if they come out of story book page .Come out to play to our world just open a door and let them in.IMG_20160317_082450IMG_20160317_121518IMG_20160324_094516IMG_20160319_105731