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Surrealistic Postcard

My name is Giorgi Kvaratskhelia originally I am from republic of Georgia, since last year I live and study in Porto, Portugal I study product and graphic design.

Last few month ago I  started to do graphic design, I am beginner in this filed and I want to promote my works and get feedback.

I want my work serve to represent what I see every day and what I believe to be beautiful. I like to photograph the people, the graffiti, the spaces and the details by which happens every day and are ignored. I try to take pictures of spontaneous moments in time that are pure and without intent “Despite some of my photographs are a little dark or sad, I still feel it’s beautiful.

My process is always a little different for each work, but all follow a similar pattern. My work always starts with the picture. I’m always walking around town taking pictures of things that strike me as interesting. The result is an unrealistic composition formed by real patchwork city where line and color intersect sensually.

I believe that urban walls are interesting. It attracts me how the city will cover graffiti street art, and how they are covered with ugly colors as a solution.

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