“The scream of freedom” is a surreal, photo manipulation series inspired by domestic violence. In this project, I worked with models faces and textures in photoshop to create an appealing look, yet dramatic and disturbing effect. The actual story behind every image was an inspiration for creating dark and moody atmosphere.

Abusive relationships are very common, and we have to raise awareness about this topic to help the victims and stop the violence! My images are intended to shock you so that you will feel compassion for the subject of the picture. With this compassion will come a deeper understanding of abuse, and ability to fight and overcome it.Piotr-Photography---There-is-nothing Piotr-Photography---Silent-Scream Piotr-Photography---It's-ok Piotr-Photography---I-can't-see-the-way-out Piotr-Photography---Hold-to-it-thight- Piotr-Photography---Deepnes-of-sorrow Piotr-Photography---Building-streangth