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SurreyWoodsmiths – Sculpture for Use

Sculpture for use.

A collection of carved wooden wall art/mirrors that elegantly span the delicate line between sculptural art and functional furniture.

Painstakingly carved and beautifully finished by Jon Hitchcock from SurreyWoodsmiths, an independent furniture designer based in Surrey (UK)

SurreyWoodsmiths designs are ideas-based and combine art with function.  They play on biomimetic design principles, fusing traditional design and craftsmanship with state of the art technologies. The innovative and original designs are inspired by nature and made with passion.

These pieces are a teaser from the collection, find more sculptures for use at www.surreywoodsmiths.com

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Beautiful INCA carved wooden mirror by SurreyWoodsmiths

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AURA – A contemporary round wooden mirror by SurreyWoodsmiths

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Stunning organic wood carving by SurreyWoodsmiths – The MAYA mirror

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SurreyWoodsmiths AURA mirror

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Striking sculpture, the INCA mirror carved by SurreyWoodsmiths

Visit www.surreywoodsmiths.com for more images and information