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SVIK Design

“These are Symbols,
Symbols of an entire lifestyle”

When I finished the first SVIK TROPHY I thought to myself “That’s it! I found it!” It felt 100% right, like it was a piece of me.     It was like surfing. Suddenly you just feel, you know that it’s your wave. You make two more strokes and there you are riding on the wave. Of course sometimes you’ve got to push down the front of the board, to get started…

If somebody wants a new trophy:
I usually ask everybody to write a few sentences about herself/himself, or about the person who will own the trophy (fav colors, hobbies, work, important little things etc…) so just anything that makes me easier to get to know the prospective owner.

 I need a picture from the bicycle, from the place where you want to hold it with the totem (If it’s possible), and the exact size of the handlebar (width, cm).

What you got to know about them, is that all of the trophies are numbered, with unique design,  name, personality and a short story

Viktor Szedlacsek
Budapest, Hungary

Brutamontes Hidden Mlezi Raphaello Trophy